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"...Tale of the Turtle..."

...In 1997 while surfing at Chun's Reef on the north shore of Oahu, I was paddling back out to the lineup when I saw a little local grom not more than ten or eleven years old paddling his little board in front of me on the edge of the reef. I remember thinking how small both he and his board were to be out in the head high surf that day.

As I paddled closer and was about a board length behind him, a huge sea turtle weighing over 300 lbs surfaced out of nowhere about two feet from the little guy in front of me. As the turtle's head broke the surface, it looked right at him and expelled a big, loud burst of air. Just as fast, it then took a big gulp of air and submerged. It all happened in just a few seconds. I was so close and my heart was still pounding from the surprise of it all.

I paddled up to the little boy to reassure him and tell him not to be scared. As I got along side of him, he turned to me and said with confidence, "WO, STINK BREATH!"

~ Courtesy of Brandon Strauch

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