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"Talk Story" "Talk Story" is as much a part of Hawaiian culture as the hula and surfing are. Taking time to share a part of your life and a little laughter helps keep everything in perspective. We hope you enjoy our stories. Read a funny story here, and you will be hooked! More in the links to the left...

"...Big Wave Photos..."

One day back in 1961 Kimo Hollinger and I were in the lobby of the old Outrigger Canoe Club looking through Val Valentine's photos taken a week earlier of 20-Foot Plus Point Makaha. 

The waves were awesome and all the surfers looked so tiny. We found several photos of ourselves and put them to the side.

Just then Rabbit (Rabbit Kekai) came up and asked what we were looking at. We told him and he said he was out that same day, too. The next photo we turned over just happened to be one of Rabbit. He wore a white t-shirt that day and it was clearly him on about a 6-foot wave. Seeing how small this wave was in comparison to all the others, we couldn't help but ask Rabbit why his wave was so much smaller.

Unhesitatingly, and in great one-up-man-ship that only Rabbit can do, he looked at both of us and said, "Yeah I know but, you should have seen where I took off!" 

~ Courtesy of Paul Strauch, Jr.

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Talk Story Bookstore

talk story bookstoreTalk Story bookstore in the town of Hanapepe on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Talk Story is actually the western-most bookstore in the United States, a fact the owner proudly shares with visitors along with a hearty helping of aloha spirit.

Talk Story is where Old Yoshiura Store used to be, and specializes in used, rare, and collectible books. Visit online! Talk Story