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Pineapple Ukulele

Pineapple Shape History. Pineapple Ukeleles
A pineapple ukulele is shaped more like a pineapple than a guitar. It is not, despite some speculation, made of pineapple. History of this Instrument: This style of ukulele was developed by Samuel Kaialiilii Kamaka. He was well known as a maker of ukuleles and guitars in Hawaii. It was in the 1920s that he developed the idea for this particular style of ukulele. The name came from a friend who made a reference that the shape looked like a pineapple. Earlier designs were even painted to make them look like a pineapple. This new ukulele had a sound that was distinct from the traditional ukulele sound, resonant and mellow. The design was patented by Kamaka in 1928. His patent for this style of ukulele is historic; it is the best known ukulele patent of all time. The patent allowed him to be the sole producer of both the shape and design of the ukulele for 14 years. Today, his company, Kamaka Ukulele, Inc., still produces this style of pineapple. Many other ukulele manufactures have, of course, started producing their own versions since the patent expiration.

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Regular Ukulele

Traditional Ukulele. Traditional UkuleleThe pineapple ukulele has helped change the sound of the ukulele. It helped players get a sound that was different and unique to the ukulele. In many cases, it helped encourage people to give the ukulele a try. Another aspect of this type of ukulele is that it really helped some people distinguish the sound of a ukulele from a guitar. The traditional guitar shape often gave the ukulele a second rate status among people who knew nothing about the ukulele.

With this new style the ukulele was taken more seriously, and people began to see it was an instrument unto its own right, not just a little guitar. This style of ukulele is often the one chosen to represent ukuleles in general in ads or other references.

Baby Ukulele

Never too early! Baby Ukulele
As you can imagine, when Hawaii became a state in 1959, Hawaiian music, artifacts, including the ukulele, became very popular all across the U.S.

Make Music

club members play! Ukulele Club
No one really knows for sure now, but the name ukulele really does literally translate to "jumping flea"... affectionately referred to as the "uke."

Now club members enjoy music all day!

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Ukulele Underground - Ukulele Underground is THE resource for everything uke online! Learn to play the ukulele as part of the growing community, with online video lessons, tips and tricks, LIVE broadcasts, song help and much more!

Ukulele Tricks - Lessons, Songs, & Tuner

Live 'Ukulele - Tabs, lessons, and info - Learn 'ukulele with Hawaiian style tabs and lessons. Also chords, reviews, artist interviews, gear, videos, and more.

Favorite One

OWA Ukulele.OWA Ukulele
By now you've seen how the ukulele became very popular in the islands. In fact, it was well on its way to being a cultural favorite there, but you should know that the ukulele didn't become popular in the United States until about 1915, when the Panama Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco publicized it launching a larger interest in Hawaiian music in the United States.

Favorite Two

See two kinds? Two Ukulules
As you know, the ukulele is best known for its association with Hawaiian music, but what you probably didn't know is that it is believed to have been derived from two different Portuguese instruments: the braguinha and the cavaquinho. There is a bit of mystery as to how this newer hybrid developed in the 1880's, but it is speculated that a Portuguese immigrant arrived in Hawaii carrying a similar instrument, which caught the fancy of the locals.

Favorite Three

Three good ukuleles!. 3 beautiful UkelelesUkulele might have not had as big an impact on Hawaiian society if the royal class of Hawaii hadn't picked it up and promoted it. In fact, the Kings and Queens of Hawaii became enamored of this new instrument. Many became accomplished ukulele players themselves.

For example, Queen Lili'uokalani even took it upon herself to use it to accompany the Hawaiian anthem "Aloha Oe".

Favorite Tenor Uke

Tenor Ukelele Tenor UkeleleThe popularity of the Uke waned in the 1960's. It didn't come back until later in the 1990s, when another star, Jumping Jim Beloff, went to a local flea market and discovered a ukulele there. It inspired him to write songs for the ukulele and publish them, and the love of the ukulele music soon took off again!

Now, there are all kinds of activities involving ukulele music all around the world, everything from clubs to festivals.

Easy Lessons

Uke University! http://school.ukuleleunderground.com/ Ukulele Underground is proud to announce the first true online Ukulele School, Ukulele Underground University. Wonder if you are doing your chunk strums and tremelo pickings correctly? Aldrine Guerrero is the schools head instructor and will be conducting three 10 week courses, Ukulele 101, Ukulele 102, and Music Theory for the Ukulele. By the end of this class you’ll be able to understand chords and how they work, basic and advanced picking techniques, harmonies, and chord progressions. Q. What’s the price for UUU? A. Courses at UUU come out to $15 per class, but with access to Aldrine during office hours & emails, along with many additional features, it’s actually much, much less.

Live lessons are FREE every Wednesday!


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LessonsPlay along with a good guy! Hey, another month has come and another episode of Uke Lessons has arrived!

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