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How do you say mahalo (thank you) to a friend for extending their "kokua" (help) with a household project? Simple, you buy them something they really want..

Mahalo... Following a major act of "kokua" by club officer, Ed Escandon, for his buddy, Loren Grier, club recreation director, Loren asked Linda, Ed's wife, what he needed most.Ed wouldn't accept any monetary payment. Linda suggested a winter wetsuit since his old one had definitely seen brighter days.

A short time later Loren surprised Ed with a beautiful new titanium full-length, long sleeved black beauty from O'Neill. That evening in his garage while admiring his new gift and enjoying several Coors Light cold ones, Ed pulled out his old faithful and hung it next to his new sleek titanium beauty. The old standby had served him well, but the legs had seen better days for sure. Between sips he decided to customize "old faithful" by cutting the worn out legs off. The result would give him a long-sleeved spring suit for those in-between days. "Yeah," he thought. "That's a great idea."

Ed's Great Idea

He pulled the scissors out of the drawer, downed another swig, and emptied the can. Since the scissors were close to the cooler, he decided to have one last one for the night. Following one long satisfying gulp, he walked over to the wetsuit, picked a mid-thigh point on the suit, and cut off one leg. Nice clean cut he mused to himself.

One more long draw on the Coors Light and with a quick glance at the remaining leg, he asked himself..."Wait a minute. There's no way I could have cut the wrong suit, could I?" Without hesitating, he grabbed the other wetsuit to find "old faithful" with both full-length legs in his hands.

Ed still wears old faithful in the winter when the water cools down. The legs on his new O'Neill were cut closer to the crotch than planned. Ed wears it sparingly, usually for a late surf on weeknights in the Springtime when few people are around. Hot pants are just not in style anymore. The verbal abuse is harsh.

The moral of this story is, "Sometimes it's just better to keep things to yourself!" Courtesy of Loren Grier (of course!)

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