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"Talk Story" "Talk Story" is as much a part of Hawaiian culture as the hula and surfing are. Taking time to share a part of your life and a little laughter helps keep everything in perspective. We hope you enjoy our stories. Read a funny story here, and you will be hooked! More in the links to the left...

…...Every Sunday, most of the club members arrive at Sano and park in front of "Four Doors" in the reserved parking area for the Hawaiian Surf Club. Not! We just get there so early that we don't have to worry about space.

Slowly the cars pull up and the weekly ritual begins all over again. Everyone gets out with their coffee mugs full or pours in a second cup from the thermos.

The group gathers and morning greetings are muttered while scanning the horizon for whitewater activity. The serious surfers say no to the donuts while the social minded ones usually have both hands full. One day anxious to get out into the surf, I got roped in with several other members to a long story by Frank Marasco. Frank is such a great story teller. He also has the greatest laugh, too.

Well, when he finally finished his tale, I looked at the logo on the front of his fleece jacket which read, "Simply Hawaiian", and said to him, "Isn't that "Y" on your jacket supposed to be an "E"? After thinking for a moment, Frank looked back quizzically at me and said, "No, why?"

Ooooh, my shoulder still hurts from the punch I took from his wife, Helen!

~ Courtesy of Bruce Miyoda

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Talk Story Bookstore

talk story bookstoreTalk Story bookstore in the town of Hanapepe on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Talk Story is actually the western-most bookstore in the United States, a fact the owner proudly shares with visitors along with a hearty helping of aloha spirit.

Talk Story is where Old Yoshiura Store used to be, and specializes in used, rare, and collectible books. Visit online! Talk Story