Eh, Howzit Hawaiian! Mahaloz fo stopping by dis site fo edumacate yoself wit da beautiful language of Pidgin English!  Dis site get all choice words and if no mo enuff, den we stay ask fo your suggestions too: Da Pidgin Kine.

Mean yeah? Dis also stay da first and only Pidgin dictionary dat you can search fo da kine words you stay looking for. Fo real you know. I no keed you. Anywayz, if you stay like us, you no like read already, so go check um out already. In the Hawaiian language, "Hawaiian Creole English" is called "'ōlelo pa'i 'ai," which literally means "pounding-taro language."

We goin' wait for you. Go check um out, go check um go. Latahz! 

Haole Note: PIDGIN is what we call the special language we use in Hawaii to communicate witty chudder. Pidgin is not really that different from standard English, but it sounds a lot different.... Because of Hawaii’s history, there are many cultures blended together and one cannot make a judgment from the name of da ting. One of the cool things about Hawaii is the Pidgin English that is used. It is sometimes misunderstood as “low class” or “uneducated”, but don’t be fooled. The most educated, eloquent person will turn around and say, “Ho! We go Rainbow Drive in fo’ da’ kine. Try Come!" If you are interpreting that, you need to know what “da’ kine” is!

Oddah funny kine sites around da web.

Pidgin Sites:

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How to Speak Pidgin

Talk Local Style

Pidgin (swell.com)

Da Kine Dictionary

Links from HawaiiTown

Pidgin English Language Links

Wikipedia Pidgin

Pidgin Book

pidgen book The book “Pidgin to Da Max”, By Douglas Simonson, Pat Sasaki, and Ken Sakata is a fun resource that will help you learn the local phrases.

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